When Unarmed Security Guards Make Sense

When Unarmed Security Guards Make Sense

Companies across the nation realize that to increase employee retention and repeat customer business. There is an unsaid demand for a higher level of safety. To meet this demand, for the first time, business owners are finding room in the budget to enhance their security, and this is starting to include unarmed security guards for low-risk companies. Security cameras and alarm systems are valuable because they can help provide information in hopes of catching the culprit after a crime or break-in occurs. But what about preventative security measures? A trained security guard on site is the best way to prevent crimes.

Unarmed Security Guards Are Affordable

Often, companies overlook the value added by extending security through unarmed guards. High-risk environments should consider armed guards, but unarmed security guards are highly effective. They can alleviate the burden on employees to manage an angry customer or unwanted visitors and take the lead in an emergency. High-risk companies often opt for armed guards, but unarmed guards are as effective and a more affordable option for lower-risk environments.

Finding the most qualified security guards in the nation should not be difficult. Make a call to get an honest quote from a qualified security guard placement firm with offices nationwide. Clients seeking security guard coverage should expect helpful direction and suggestions to meet the budget. Unarmed security guards are more affordable for companies seeking to add security who are not in high-risk businesses. High-risk businesses are those in which there are valuables, money, equipment, jewelry, and prescription medications. Other high-risk companies are in higher crime areas or those with top-secret information and highly sensitive intellectual property.

Which Businesses Use Unarmed Security Guards?

Exceptional unarmed guards are a practical, budget-conscious alternative to armed guards. The professionals in unarmed guard roles have expert backgrounds that result in the highest level of safety. Regardless of size or layout, trained security guards manage each area with expertise. Unarmed guards are typically used for lobbies, docks, community gates, construction sites, reception desks, retail stores, malls, convenience stores, warehouses, hotels, pharmacies, nursing homes, and residential communities. Additionally, in uniform or street attire, unarmed security guards are preferred for private events such as weddings or celebrations held in a public and open area.

The best security guards who serve in lower-risk environments discreetly address and masterfully handle angry customers, loiterers, and trespassers. A sign of exceptional service is when issues are managed seamlessly and without disturbing the course of business. Having security detail at the place of business allows employees to focus on serving customers. When a security guard is present on site that is thoroughly trained and certified, they have distinct ways of putting people at ease, and business runs more smoothly.

The First to Act in Emergencies

Highly qualified unarmed security guards have military and law enforcement backgrounds, so they understand how to handle emergencies. Additionally, the experience and continued training give the best guards the ability to identify threats early, speak effortlessly with authorities in emergencies and act with confidence and authority to keep people safe.

Suppose there is an evacuation or another emergency. Instead of companies relying on unqualified employees who may freeze in an actual emergency, trained security guards expect to take the lead in these chaotic situations. Trained in fire and security threat awareness upon arrival, a walk-through is done when the unarmed security guard arrives on the job. Often, there are vulnerabilities that business owners do not even realize and addressing these early on can significantly reduce the risk.

The background, confidence, skill, and expertise add value to any existing safety and security measures.

Undeniably, the presence of security at any place of business gives staff, guests, and others peace of mind. Companies should seriously consider providing this level of safety because it shows that business owners care about the people entrusted to run the business and the customers. Dedicated men and women working as private security detail stay calm when everyone else feels overwhelmed. They establish a calm and peaceful environment that feels controlled and stable. When staff feels safe at work, they are likely to stay, so adding private security is proving to be a significant factor in employee retention. As companies struggle to keep good people and fill vacancies, providing a higher level of safety and security can help. Business owners know that happy staff makes happy customers. In the face of all the hurdles of our current economic state, keeping staff and customers happy will differentiate the companies that thrive from those that do not.

If you own or manage a low-risk company, please consider contacting a reputable and established security provider for a free quote. When it comes to the highest level of security detail, Off Duty Officers is unmatched. Unarmed security guards are an excellent way to elevate your entire company.

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