Three Reasons for Security Guard Turnover and How to Avoid It

Security guards are valuable assets for organizations and an investment of time and money. So, why is there so much turnover? Here, we address three reasons why the turnover rates within the security industry are so high and how they can be avoided to ensure your organization does not have to deal with the constant changing of the guards, quite literally. In today’s labor shortage market, it is no surprise that security guard companies are consistently looking for highly qualified guards and should be doing whatever they can to retain them.

Why Security Guards Change Companies

The most prominent reason security guards change companies is how they are treated. Poor communication, feeling ignored, and unrecognized for what they do are significant contributors to why security guards move on. There are many placement agencies, and the best security guards can keep looking until they find one that treats them well enough to want to stay. Some excellent security guard companies have long-standing relationships with their guards, which shows in the quality of their work. Off Duty Officers is one of those exceptional security guard placement firms that understands how they treat their security guards directly reflects their performance on the job.

The second reason for security guard turnover is low or incorrect payment. The best security guards will only tolerate mishandling of their payment for so long. Although many security guards are retired military and law enforcement, income is still essential. Getting paid correctly and on time is critical. Over thirty years in business without one missed payroll is unheard of in the industry, but the professionals at Off Duty Officers are committed to keeping this streak going.

Lack of training is the third reason turnover is high in the security guard industry. When a qualified security guard arrives on the job when there is additional training that would have better equipped them, they may feel unprepared. Although the best men and women who serve in these roles are capable of filling in gaps on the job, finding out valuable information after the fact can leave security guards feeling left out in the cold.

Quality Guards Come from Quality Companies

There are ways to counter the high turnover within the security guard industry. The overall quality of the security guard company has a massive impact on the quality of the guards. A professional company will screen and only place security guards trained and prepared for their assignment. Hospital security, workplace security, bank security, retail security, and private event security have different specific needs.

What Companies Can Do to Minimize Turnover

Be Honest About the Duties

Informing security guards ahead of arrival make the transition seamless. Open communication is monumental when it comes to security completing the assignment. Companies should share clear duties and expectations, so there are no surprises. In the end, hiding responsibilities from the placement firm does not save money. Instead, find a company that can get a qualified guard to do whatever is required and fit the budget. Sharing challenges and the benefits of working in a particular role can also help security guards feel informed. Suppose a security guard is only interested in short-term assignments and ends up in a permanent one. In that case, there is already a disconnect between the client’s needs and the worker’s availability. It is best to be honest and ask the agency to pass the information along.

Specific Training May Be Best Provided Onsite

If a company is unique in many of its safety and security concerns, some training may be best provided by the company itself. Company-specific training offers an excellent overview of the specific needs of the company that can’t always best be explained over the phone. Let’s say you are looking for security for a facility with animals. There is no specific security guard training for this. Still, a company orientation may help security guards understand the mission and purpose and better understand vulnerabilities and why security is critical.

Approach Security Guards with Inclusive Culture

Security guards have backgrounds and training to provide the highest level of safety. If there is a separation between the security guard and company culture, communication and workflow may not result in the best service possible. When security arrives, invite them into your culture. Teach them what is unique about your organization. Create a positive and cohesive relationship with the security detail, which builds ownership. Companies find extreme loyalty with above and beyond performance when security has been integrated into the workplace culture. Being happy in the workplace significantly impacts whether guards stay and the quality of service they provide.

If your company is looking for highly trained security guards, find a professional and reputable company that can find the right fit for your culture and business. Asking questions about the training and background of potential guards is critical. A security placement firm with long standing client relationships and security guard staff indicate a successful business model. To help minimize turnover, be honest about expectations because nobody likes surprises. Also, be willing to provide specific training for your organization and treat security guards like any new employee.

Happy guards make happy clients.


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